Gain critical insights about the condition of your infrastructure. Avoid costly downtime and repairs with MS Gecko’s Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) services.

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The MS Gecko Monitoring System provides a unique approach to help your business gain critical insights on the condition of your assets. MS Gecko goes beyond traditional methods, utilizing Distributed Structural Health Monitoring (DSHM) to offer our customers real-time infrastructure integrity monitoring. DSHM services are available both during construction and ongoing operation, to reduce maintenance costs and prolong lifecycle. With DSHM our customers receive real-time structural health monitoring to give you the tools and information you need to build and maintain smarter structures. As a result of MS Gecko’s unique design, our services offer independence from the technology and materials used during infrastructure construction, providing highly accurate testing results.

Should an event occur, pre-defined thresholds in the DSHM system instantly triggers a notification to any members you designate to take appropriate action. Our customers agree, with MS Gecko’s DSHM, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Key Features



Get instantaneous feedback on your critical infrastructure from MS Gecko’s DSHM.


Innovative technology provides advanced analytics for your damage detection, location, and assessment needs.


Actively monitor your infrastructure to detect damage before it reaches a critical state.


Avoid system shutdowns due to time-consuming troubleshooting methods.



Our engineers designed the MS Gecko Monitoring System to combine several technologies, including: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Fiber Optics, in order to facilitate a wide spectrum of applications. This approach delivers a competitive edge to our customers to provide them with the most precise data and real-time analysis, often in locations where others have failed.

The MS Gecko system utilizes specific MEMS technology for each project to maximize effectiveness and accuracy.

Examples of MEMS implementation in the MS Gecko system include: multifunction inclinometers, accelerometers, humidity and temperature sensors, wind forces, strain gauges, etc. For aggressive environments and large structures MS Gecko implements Fiber optics to monitor and analyze anomalies with regards to temperature, strain, and movement.


We Measure

  • Inclination / Bending
  • Acceleration / Vibration
  • Rainfall
  • Loads
  • Wathering

We Identify

  • Movement / Geometry of Structure
  • Natural Frequency / Stability
  • Base Strenght
  • Tension of Structure
  • Margin of Safety

Through the innovative MS Gecko Monitoring System (DSHM), a general scheme of connected monitoring parameters, technology, and infrastructure can be offered. Just as each critical event is unique in nature, due to the combination of factors affecting it, our approach to each customer project requires its own unique set of controls and measurements.

We look forward to speaking with you about your monitoring needs!


At MS Systems we provide innovative solutions that serve our customers needs through ultra-reliable performance and long product life. We believe in providing clear information about each service we offer, and the standards we aim to achieve.

Design & Planning

Our team of experts will work closely with you during design, technology selection, and system optimization.

Installation & Commissioning

MS Systems provides service and support during and after installation, with a wide range of additional services and extended global warranties for every system we supply.

Service & Support

MS Systems provides ongoing technical support from installation, commissioning and beyond.

Real Time Monitoring

MS Systems provides a unique approach to structural health monitoring, delivering real-time data and analysis for our customers to reduce downtime by monitoring assets and notifying key members before it reaches a critical state.

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