How do you know if something goes wrong with your infrastructure?

Get real-time feedback with Monitoring System’s DSHM.

Stop guessing, start monitoring!

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Think Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM) is too costly for your business?

Most find out too late that not having SHM was the more expensive choice

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How would a system shutdown affect your business?

With active monitoring, make repairs before reaching a critical state.

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MS Systems has been an industry leader, providing innovative asset monitoring solutions since 2005.

MS Systems offers its customers an integrated “one-stop” solution for evaluating the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure.

Our company is passionate about searching out and innovating new technologies, such as providing real time data acquisition, data analysis, and hardware and software integration solutions.

We spend our days in the lab to provide our customers with cutting edge technology to make their businesses more profitable and safer.

We provide

At MS Systems we provide innovative solutions that serve our customers needs through ultra-reliable performance and long product life. We believe in providing clear information about each service we offer, and the standards we aim to achieve.

Design & Planning

Our team of experts will work closely with you during design, technology selection, and system optimization.


MS Systems provides service and support during and after installation, with a wide range of additional services and extended global warranties for every system we supply.


MS Systems provides ongoing technical support from installation, commissioning and beyond.


MS Systems provides a unique approach to structural health monitoring, delivering real-time data and analysis for our customers to reduce downtime by monitoring assets and notifying key members before it reaches a critical state.

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