MS Python’s innovative remote monitoring system is safer and more cost-effective for steam and hot water boilers than traditional methods. Unlike traditional methods, where a complete stop is often required for inspection, MS Python’s monitoring is conducted during normal operations providing real-time feedback on system health.

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The MS Python Boiler Remoter Health Monitoring and Leak Detection System is designed to monitor temperature change and detect possible leak spots before it begins, allowing time for a planned schedule to shut down the boiler at an optimum time. This results in substantial reduction of repair times and costs with a consequent increase in plant availability and profits. The early detection of a tube leak will give financial savings and will help preventing equipment break which will easily exceed the initial capital cost of the detection system even at the first event.


MS Python’s remote monitoring system is designed to monitor temperature change and detect leaks before problems occur. This provides operators with time to plan for regular maintenance, achieve efficient shutdown patterns, and avoid major system failures.

With MS Python in place businesses can benefit from reductions in repair time, thus maximizing profits through increased plant availability.

Our customers receive reliable data to help them improve their operations, plan for ongoing maintenance, and identify obsolete structures for replacement.

A successful monitoring solution must consider the specific elements of the structure, requiring sophisticated planning, design and execution.

We have the knowledge and experience to establish baseline structural health reports, maintain long-term monitoring to track equipment degradation, and perform rapid condition screening to quickly identify the structure’s health following extreme events.

Key Features



Get instantaneous feedback on your critical infrastructure from MS Python’s Pipeline Monitoring Services.


Innovative technology provides advanced analytics for leak detection, foreign intrusion, deformation, erosion, ground movement, geologic hazard detection, and pig position tracking.

Extend Lifecycle & Reduce Costs

Actively monitor your infrastructure to detect damage before it reaches a critical state.

Reduce Downtime

Avoid system shutdowns due to time-consuming troubleshooting methods.

SCADA integration

Implement advanced monitoring services that are directly integrated with your existing SCADA compatible system.


MS Python offers boiler system health monitoring, providing customers with advanced technology to assess temperature change, corrosion and deposits, crack and leak detection in real-time. With MS Python in place, you will have all the information you need to identify the precise location of the problem and make an informed decision to repair it.



MS Python’s monitoring services deliver complete solutions seamlessly combining FBG technology and innovative, high-speed laser beam sensors into an integrated system. Through this approach, the system can be easily scaled to any size and configuration, with all data synced through a central monitoring center.



Monitor performance degradation and receive warning notifications to perform preventative maintenance and ensure the safety of personnel following significant events.



Increase system lifecycles by actively monitoring the operational health of your boilers to develop better maintenance schedules and reduce operational costs.



Get an immediate status update about the system’s health, including possible damage and failures, following adverse events.


MS Python’s remote health monitoring for boiler systems utilizes highly sensitive fiber-optic sensors to deliver real-time actionable data following an event.

Our fiber-optic sensors utilize Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, offering our customers advanced technology seamlessly integrated into an easy to use system.

FBG technology measures spatial variations within a fiber-optic line, allowing for highly accurate measurements of temperature change and other parameters.

By tracking temperature change MS Python can detect and alert operators to potential leakage points. With this information you can implement better repair schedules, increase boiler efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.


At MS Systems we provide innovative solutions that serve our customers needs through ultra-reliable performance and long product life. We believe in providing clear information about each service we offer, and the standards we aim to achieve.

Design & Planning

Our team of experts will work closely with you during design, technology selection, and system optimization.

Installation & Commissioning

MS Systems provides service and support during and after installation, with a wide range of additional services and extended global warranties for every system we supply.

Service & Support

MS Systems provides ongoing technical support from installation, commissioning and beyond.

Real Time Monitoring

MS Systems provides a unique approach to structural health monitoring, delivering real-time data and analysis for our customers to reduce downtime by monitoring assets and notifying key members before it reaches a critical state.

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